The Agnostic's Book of the Living Dead

by The Boogeymen

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Six part concept piece. Remixed February 2013, including new vocal tracks for Childhood and Adulthood.


released February 26, 2012



all rights reserved


The Boogeymen Albany, New York

For over a decade The Boogeymen have been serving up their brand of rock, blues, and prog.

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Track Name: Conception
In the beginning there was nothing. And from that inconceivable emptiness there was a moment.

This world born of fire, set upon its own pyre.
The universe burns as an eternal flame.
One day to be extinguished.
Will it whisper our name?
Track Name: Childhood
Let's play Make-Believe
Wipe our boogers on our sleeves
Stare dumbfounded into the sky
Cower as raptors soar by

I'll pretend I'm a king
And command you to dance and sing
Love me unconditionally
For I protect you from thee
(I'll protect you from thee)

Track Name: Adolescence
Why oh why oh why oh why WHY!

I'm already so sick of this ...
I'm already so tired
Doing that I am told
Tell it to my face you ... liar!

The only problem I have
Is you holding me back
No one is the boss of me
And everyone is ... whacked!


Why oh why god
Did you put me here
If you exist
Send me a sign that's perfectly clear

I don't hate people
I don't even hate you
I just hate all these ... things
That I'm forced to do

Sometimes I want a break
Chance to go escape
Leave the boring behind
Do stupid (you know), have a good time


Why oh why god
Am I even here
If I have a purpose
Make it perfectly clear

These other people tell me
What I've been told all along is wrong
You only want to stop us
From ever getting strong (?)

So I say screw this ... stuff
Stick your rules up your ass
I can handle it on my own
No sense living in the past


Let me tell you why god
I'm here to stay
I know the truth
And I'm telling everyone today
Track Name: Adulthood
I'm not at the top
I'm not anything I dreamt I'd be by now
I want to deliver myself from this endless maze
But I don't know how

I live without to look within
I look above to learn to be
I'm furiously yearning to be free
But the spirit does not fill me


I'm living a lie
That heaven on earth is within sight
So I'm waiting to die
I'll roll the dice in the afterlife

With so much misaligned
The world is a perfectly imperfect place
It's hard to see a creator
When so much good gets laid to waste

Could this all be
Just random luck and chance and fate?
A set of gears in motion
Crushing all who stand in its way?


I'm living a lie
That heaven on earth is within sight
So I'm waiting to die
I'll roll the dice in the afterlife
Track Name: Death
Religion is the art of never leaving.
Reality is the agony of never leaving alive.